iPhone XS Screen Repairs in Sydney | Brisbane

Are there any cracks on your iPhone XS or perhaps the phone is no longer responding to touch as fast as it used to? In such cases, the iPhone needs to be replaced, or that is at least what they tell you!! Perhaps you should try another approach. Get a good screen repair service like ours to help you repair your expensive iPhone XS Screen. We will inspect your iPhone and let you know if it can be fixed or if you really have to buy a new one. What can we fix? A cracked screen, body, or a weak battery. We will do what it takes to get your phone operating smoothly.
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iPhone XS Screen Repairs in Brisbane Sydney

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Prices for iPhone XS Repairs Brisbane | Sydney

Battery Replacement
Camera Replacement
Screen Repair / Replacement (Glass & OLED)
Charging Port Replacement
Rear Housing & Glass Repair
How long does it take before you can share selfies on your iPhone XS? 5 minutes max. You can actually go out for coffee or ice cream as our technicians get down to work on your phone. We do not just deal with broken screens. We can also work on charger ports and the camera glass. Our work quality is so good. ISR uses the very best quality aftermarket parts at the best price! Backed by our 24-month warranty. No need to be budgeting for a new phone when ISR can help you out with your current one.
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iPhone XS Repairs Brisbane Sydney

Same-Day Repairs for iPhone XS

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Our iPhone XS repair techs are well versed in everything related to fixing your iPhone.


Better technicians, better warranty, better parts - this means you'll get the best iPhone XS Repair.


Having 3 repair shops located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Now thats convenient.
Your one-stop shop for high-quality smartphone repairs
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