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Are you experiencing problems with your iPhone 11 Pro Repairs? Is your battery weak or maybe you have cracked the screen of your device? It doesn’t really matter what the problem is, if it’s fixable, you can count on iPhone Screen Repairs!

Our technicians have experience and knowledge and even though iPhone 11 Pro is one of the latest additions to Apple’s collection of iPhones, we have already repaired a few of them. There are cases when people were looking for screen repair and we were there to help them. Sometimes it’s the touch system in others it’s just a software issue. Whatever it is, our staff will identify the problem and solve it.

Need a Repair for your iPhone 11 Pro? We can fix this today!

Rear Glass Repair


Battery Repair


Screen Repair


Camera Glass Repair

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Charge Port Repair

We are also providing cracked glass repair. At iPhone Screen Repairs, we know that accident can happen – one minute you are talking on the phone, the other your precious phone is sitting on the floor with a cracked screen. While iPhone 11 Pro is made of some of the most durable materials, these materials are not unbreakable. The good thing is that this problem can be solved, but only if you get professional help. In addition, we can help with battery replacement and charger port repair – two other very common problems among iPhone 11 Pro users.


At iPhone Screen Repairs, we are using premium quality parts that are built to last. Once we are finished, you can rest assured that your phone will be fine. Whenever you need fast iPhone 11 Pro repairs Sydney solution or repairs Brisbane solution, you can count on us. Our repairs come with a warranty and we can also guarantee fast and timely repairs. Our staff is trained in this kind of repairs! The best part is that you will get your iPhone 11 Pro fixed at a more than reasonable price.

Repair Features

  • 2 Year Warranty on Repairs
  • Fast and on time repair.
  • Trained for iPhone 11 Pro Repairs
  • Manufacturer specification followed.
  • Reasonable price for your repairs.
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