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Is your iPhone 11 Pro Max screen cracked and you cannot seem to double-tap your favorite images? How about having it fixed in the next 45 minutes? All you need to do is to walk into an ISR store in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne and you will be good to go. Our repair services cover cracked glass, LCD, or OLED screen damage.

Most people normally shy away from any iPhone repair service that is fast and good at what it does. We use the very best aftermarket parts and we do everything at the most affordable market prices. What’s more? Our work comes with a 24-month warranty.

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iphone 11 pro max repairs brisbane sydney


Prices for iPhone 11 Pro Max Repairs

Battery Replacement
Camera Glass Replacement
Glass & LCD Screen Replacement 
Charging Port Repair
Rear Glass & Housing Repair
Your iPhone 11  Pro Max can be repaired within 45 minutes. This leaves you with enough time to run other errands or enjoy a cup of coffee. If you are not sure of what problem your iPhone could be having, then we would be happy to check it for you. Some of the most common iPhone 11 Pro Max problems that can be easily repaired include battery replacement, ear speaker repair, water damage cleaning, screen repair, and connector repair, among many others. One important thing to note is that repairs can only be a success when dealt with immediately. So if you notice your iPhone is problematic, don’t hesitate to have it repaired.
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Our iPhone 11 Pro Max repair techs are well versed in everything related to fixing your iPhone.


Better systems, more experienced technicians with the best iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair parts.


Putting convieence back in repair. Most iPhone 11 Pro Max Repairs can be completed in less than 45 mins.

Local Repairs for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Your one-stop shop for high-quality smartphone repairs in Brisbane and Sydney
Your one-stop shop for high-quality smartphone repairs
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