Australia’s Expert iPhone Repairs Brisbane

Today, your phone is not just a phone answering device. It is much more than that. Especially when you have a most love branded phone, i.e., iPhone. If you are looking for a one-stop shop where you can put all of your iPhone repair problems, then you are at the right place.


Australia’s expert iPhone Repairs Brisbane helps you repair your phones, good as new. Unfortunately, if your phone gets damaged someway, you search for iPhone repairs near me on google, and the search results show you several search results of iPhone repairs in Brisbane city. You will consider expert apple iPhone repairs in Brisbane.

IPhone repairs Brisbane

You might wonder if this post is only about the iPhone Repairs Brisbane, but we will also let you know what the iPhone Repairs Brisbane cost is to see your budget accordingly.


Expert iPhone Repairs Brisbane District


Screen fixed is the leading iPhone repair in Brisbane. Their experts are efficient, responsible, and qualified with years of technical experience and expertise. They take the responsibility to get your iPhone repaired. It doesn’t matter if the phone is broken or fell into the water. Screen fixed has the solution for every damage to your iPhone. 


Whether you are searching for an iPhone Screen Repairs Brisbane or you want an iPhone battery replacement in Brisbane city, Screen Fixed is the best of your investment, time, and budget. Why?


  1. They are fast and affordable.


  1. They will approach you in the comfort of your space. What does that mean? It means you only have to call, and one of their certified technicians will be there for your iPhone repair. The place can be your own choice, home, cafe, office, or anywhere.


  1. You can count on their battery replacement services as they are known as the best iPhone battery replacement in Brisbane southside.


  1. They can fix your iPhone’s software issues.


  1. Whatever screen issue your iPhone may be facing, Screen Fix is the best iPhone screen Repair in Brisbane.


  1. They will also fix the charging pot problems of your iPhone.


In short, they are the safest iPhone repairers in Brisbane that you can rely on.


iPhone Repairs Brisbane cost


Screen Fixed has the most affordable range of prices on getting your iPhone repaired in Brisbane. Whatever the iPhone issue you are facing, Screen Fixed has the lowest iPhone repairs Brisbane cost for you. 


But, it never means the quality is compromised in any way. They are so conscious of this matter. Their client’s satisfaction is the real money earned for them.


The cost for iPhone repairs varies from service to service. A summary of their expenses depending upon various services are;

IPhone Repairs Brisbane

iPhone Screen Repair Cost Brisbane


The cost highly depends on the model of the iPhone. For example, for iPhone 4, the iPhone screen repair cost is 199$, and for your iPhone 13, the price is 699$.

iPhone screen repair cost range: 99$ – 699$


iPhone Battery Repair Cost Brisbane


The cost for the iPhone battery repair varies from model to model. For example, for an iPhone 4, it will cost you around 79$ to get the battery repaired. However, for an iPhone 13, the total battery repair cost will be 249$.

iPhone Battery Repair Cost Range: 79$ – 249$


iPhone Charger Pot Repair Cost Brisbane


Each model of iPhone will have a different cost. For example, suppose, For an iPhone 4, it will cost you around 129$ to get the Charger Pot repaired. However, for an iPhone 13, the total Charger Pot repair cost will be 279$.

 iPhone Charger Pot Repair Cost: 129$ – 279$


There are several other services that Screen Fixed offers you. You can easily see the costs of different services for each model of iPhone here.


Why do you need Screen fixed to get your iPhone repaired?


Who says that your iPhone device issues cannot be resolved, you need to buy a new one, or your iPhone’s age limit is reached. We bet you to resolve any repair issue your iPhone needs.


Screen Fixed uses top-notch parts and sends certified experts to get your phone repaired. They are repairing almost every model of iPhone. You can call them or chat on their website to discuss your iPhone issues and get them fixed in no time.


Their working speed is exceptional. You will call them today and have your iPhone repaired the same day.