About iSR


Is purchasing a brand new iPhone the only option when your iPhone is not working in a proper way? The answer to this question is NO! You don’t have to buy a new iPhone even when your device is damaged. As one of the most popular iPhone repairs Melbourne and iPhone repairs Sydney solutions, iPhone Screen Repairs fixes a wide range of iPhones. We also have a great selection of cases, chargers, and accessories for iPhones.

A Repair Option With A Great Background

A few years ago, we have started our business. The main objective was to provide iPhone users a chance to fix their malfunctioning devices without breaking the bank and without waiting for this job to be done after a long period of time. Mobile technology, especially smartphones, are evolving all the time. That’s why we have decided to invest in training. Today, we have a team of experienced and trained technicians that are prepared to face any challenge related to iPhones.

Long-Lasting iPhone Repairs

If you decide to use iPhone Screen Repairs, you should know that you will get all the repairs with a long-lasting warranty. During the working hours, every customer can walk-in to one of our repair stores in Melbourne and Sydney and fix the problem of their iPhone. Our team will be glad to help you with charging ports, damaged screens, water damage, battery replacement and more.

Thanks to our professional work, we have become one of the leading iPhone repair services provides in Australia. We have dozens of satisfied clients in Sydney and Melbourne. Our objective is to keep great customer relationships by providing top-notch services. At the same time, we are offering cheap iPhone repairs which makes buying a new iPhone even more unreasonable.

What can you expect from our iPhone repair services?

  • Expert help
  • Same-day solutions
  • Quick repair solutions
  • Fast screen replacements
  • Long-lasting repairs

Types of iPhone repairs we provide:


Broken glass


Fixing charging port


Battery replacement


Cracked screen

Water damage repairs and more…

At iSR we are using premium quality parts for iPhone. These parts match current standards. As a result of that, we have almost 100% of repairing iPhone problems. In other words, if the problem can be fixed, we will fix it. Our team consists of trained, qualified and professional technicians that know all iPhone models inside and out. Additionally, they are using professional equipment to get the job done in the right way and as fast as possible. Contact iPhone Screen Repairs now and solve your iPhone’s problem!